Sperm DNA Versus Sperm Count

Making healthy sperm is complicated and things can go wrong along the way. If you are thinking about starting a family, have been trying for a while, or have experienced miscarriage, it makes sense to take a fertility test to check out the health of your sperm.


Sperm DNA Versus Sperm Count

Sperm DNA testing versus sperm count

Often, semen analysis is the first step men take when looking into their fertility. But that’s not enough. Quality, as well as quantity is what makes the difference!

Sperm DNA damage is a better indicator of a man’s fertility than sperm count. Many men with a normal sperm count cannot get their partners pregnant, whilst lots of men with a low count do conceive naturally.

Our research shows that 80 percent of the men attending fertility clinics, who had normal sperm counts, had a high sperm DNA damage result using our Exact test. Men with badly damaged sperm DNA are less likely to get their partner pregnant and have double the risk of miscarriage, plus they are less likely to be successful with fertility treatment, such as IVF.

Our Exact range of tests have the highest sensitivity, specificity and predictive power when compared to other sperm DNA tests.

Semen analysis will tell you

Volume – Semen volume should be 1.5ml or more

Motility and Morphology – Progressive motility should be 32%, normal morphology 4%

Concentration – Sperm concentration should be 15 million per ml or more

Total sperm – 39 million per ml or more (per ejaculate)

Vitality – Live sperm of 58% or more

Sperm DNA will tell you

Sperm DNA analysis is the only test that will provide an inside picture of your fertility status.


  • If your sperm have are healthy enough to reach their target – the female egg
  • The likelihood of the sperm being able to fertilise the egg
  • Whether fertilization is likely to achieve a full-term pregnancy


Treatment indicator

  • Understanding your sperm DNA test result will enable you to make the lifestyle choices that could improve your sperm DNA quality and make an informed decision of whether IVF or ICSI are appropriate fertility treatments for you.

Its your sperm DNA that will make your child look and act like you!

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