Learn about Fertility Tests for Men

Making healthy sperm is complicated and things can go wrong along the way. If you are thinking about starting a family, have been trying for a while, or have experienced miscarriage, it makes sense to take a fertility test to check out the health of your sperm.


Learn about Fertility Tests for Men

Semen analysis

Semen analysis is often considered the first fertility test for men. It looks at your sperm under a microscope and checks your sperm count, motility, morphology, and semen volume (Table 1). These are the characteristics of sperm that ensure a sperm can reach and fertilize your partner’s egg. Abnormal semen analysis results reduce your chances of conceiving naturally.

DNA fragmentation testing

Whilst semen analysis is a good first fertility test, it doesn’t tell you everything as it only looks at sperm production. Up to 30% of men having fertility investigations have normal semen analysis results but are having difficulties fathering a child. The next fertility test you need is a molecular test that looks inside your sperm to check out the quality or integrity of your sperm’s DNA.

Sperm DNA is the most important part of the sperm. It contains the genetic instructions that will make your baby look and act like you. Sperm DNA can be damaged during sperm production and storage in the body. This damage is known as DNA fragmentation. A high level of sperm DNA fragmentation is often a factor when couples have been trying for a baby for some time without success and where there is no obvious explanation why. It can also be a major factor where couples but have suffered repeated miscarriage. Sperm DNA fragmentation also reduces the success of IVF and ICSI treatments. So, even if your semen analysis is normal you may have sperm DNA fragmentation and that’s one reason why you can’t get your partner pregnant.


SpermComet® is Examen’s market leading sperm DNA fragmentation test. SpermComet® measures the amount of DNA damage in individual sperm making it the most sensitive fertility test available. It is the only test guaranteed for use by men with low sperm count. SpermComet® is highly predictive of male infertility, male involvement in miscarriage and IVF and ICSI success.

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