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Examen is a world leader in male fertility testing. Our EXACT test provides men with early sperm DNA fragmentation results, helping them understand and improve their fertility.

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"We truly believe we would not be where we are today without having had the DNA Fragmentation test done with you..." - New family, Scotland.

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“Great experience with Examen, the team are very friendly and super helpful. Very fast turn around on results. Considering it's an awkward test to carry out, they don't make you feel awkward at all. In fact, they make you feel very relaxed.”

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Examen’s webinar series includes a series of talks to raise awareness of male fertility.


For men

Sperm DNA damage is a leading cause of male infertility

Healthy sperm DNA improves the chances of a successful pregnancy

For HCPs

Sperm DNA damage reduces the chances of natural pregnancy

Sperm DNA damage reduces the likelihood of success of both IVF and ICSI

Men & Miscarriage

High levels of sperm damage can more than double the risk of miscarriage

Good quality sperm increases the likelihood of the development of a healthy baby

Sperm DNA damage is at the centre of male infertility

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The most accurate fertility tests available for men over and above semen analysis.

Exact tests are powered by SpermComet® Technology

Exact is the UK’s No. 1 sperm DNA test. Exact tests, powered by SpermComet® Technology, are the tests of choice amongst consultants in 80% of the UK & Ireland’s leading private fertility clinics.

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What Our Customers Say...

“We wanted to get in touch to thank you. We truly believe we would not be where we are today without having had the DNA Fragmentation test done with you and the help that gave us. We will always be eternally grateful. We now have a son, 7lb, 13oz, born 2 weeks ago”.

New family, Scotland

"I didn’t think there was a problem with my sperm as I had 4 kids from a previous relationship. But now we couldn’t conceive so we went to see a urologist in London. He found that I had a low sperm count and really high DNA damage. My sperm had 95% damage in them! The doctor said I had partial obstruction from germs and infections and he recommended taking sperm from my testes. We went to LA and had ICSI with testicular sperm and now we have a baby.

Thank you so much guys, you made our dream come true."


"We went to a fertility clinic who suggested we should have a SpermComet test. But, when the result was my sperm had high DNA damage, they didn’t try to fix it. They said our only option was ICSI. We had ICSI but it failed. We then took the SpermComet result to another fertility clinic where they gave us a different option. They said we should try to improve my sperm quality first because both natural conception and IVF chances are increased by having healthier sperm.

They sent us to a urologist to see if my sperm quality could be improved. I was diagnosed with high ROS in my sperm as well. The urologist treated me with antioxidants and probiotics and after 3 months my sperm DNA was normal. And what’s ever better, we are now 15 weeks pregnant."


"We conceived naturally but sadly had a miscarriage. We tried again for a while but nothing happened. We went to a fertility clinic where I was told my semen was normal. They said there was nothing wrong with me. We still didn’t conceive so we had 2 cycles of ICSI but both had poor blastocysts and both failed I was then diagnosed with colitis so we were in a bad way. We had almost given up hope… and sex.

Then we had a Comet test. The results showed high sperm DNA damage. We were referred to a urologist who recommended one day abstinence times and to a nutritionist who helped me with my diet. I had my sperm DNA tested again after 3 months and my sperm were much less damaged. We have just had a baby daughter naturally!

If we had had this advice with a Comet test first, we would have done things differently. It was the hardest time I have ever had, and I want to share this with other men."


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Sperm DNA damage is one of the most important factors causing male infertility

Healthy sperm DNA improves the chances of a successful pregnancy and supports the development of a healthy baby. The quality of sperm depends on the amount of DNA damage

Male infertility is the number one reason for IVF treatment in couples seeking help to have a baby

High sperm DNA damage is associated with greater risk of miscarriage

Male partners of women who had miscarried had higher sperm DNA damage than fertile men

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Sperm DNA Damage – Insights into Male Fertility

Event date: April 15, 2024 Location: The Mid-Ulster Clinic, 3B Loves Hill, Magherafelt, BT45 8DP

Join us for an exclusive evening event hosted by the Mid-Ulster Clinic and Examen, the UK and Ireland’s leading sperm DNA fragmentation testing service with special guest Consultant Urologist Mr Jonathan Ramsay, who practices in London exclusively in the field of male fertility. Jonanthan will discuss the efficacy of sperm DNA fragmentation testing using key case studies from his extensive practice experience.

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Optimising men’s reproductive health before fertility treatment.

Event date: September 5, 2023 Location: Virtual Event

Professor Suks Minhas, Consultant Urologist, joins us to explore optimising men’s reproductive health before fertility treatment.


About this event

Educating schoolboys about their fertility

Event date: June 6, 2023 Location: Virtual Event

Dr China Harrison, Senior Research Associate in Public Health at the University of Bristol and Honorary Research Associate at Cardiff University, School of Psychology, joins us to explore educating schoolboys about their fertility.

About this event

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