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Sperm DNA damage is a leading cause of male infertility

Healthy sperm DNA improves the chances of a successful pregnancy

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Sperm DNA damage reduces the chances of natural pregnancy

Sperm DNA damage reduces the likelihood of success of both IVF and ICSI

Men & Miscarriage

High levels of sperm damage can more than double the risk of miscarriage

Good quality sperm increases the likelihood of the development of a healthy baby

Sperm DNA damage is at the centre of male infertility

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The most accurate fertility test available for men over and above semen analysis.

Exact tests are powered by SpermComet®

Exact Fertility is the UK’s No. 1 sperm DNA test and the only professional-grade sperm DNA test available to consumers in UK without a doctor’s referral. Exact tests, powered by SpermComet®, are the tests of choice amongst consultants in 80% of the UK’s leading fertility clinics.

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Receive an email with your results within 14 working days of your appointment at the Hub

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Sperm DNA damage is one of the most important factors causing male infertility.

Healthy sperm DNA improves the chances of a successful pregnancy and supports the development of a healthy baby. The quality of sperm depends on the amount of DNA damage

Male infertility is the number one reason for IVF treatment in couples seeking help to have a baby

High sperm DNA damage is associated with greater risk of miscarriage

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