Ask your fertility clinic for an Exact® Sperm DNA Test

Accurate fertility tests for men. To make the most of every cycle, it’s important to understand the extent of sperm DNA damage before you embark on each cycle of fertility treatment. Exact tests can help predict the likelihood of treatment success, saving you the time, cost and emotional toll of repeated fertility treatment.

Your Sperm DNA Is Your Baby’s Blueprint

DNA is what makes us who we are. Your sperm DNA carries a copy of the genes that you pass on to your baby. Not only do your genes pass on your characteristics, like eye colour or height, but they build our brains, determine our behaviour and our future health.

Sperm DNA can be damaged when sperm are being made; snapping some of the DNA strands. Men with high levels of damaged sperm DNA are less likely to get their partner pregnant and have double the risk of miscarriage. Even if your sperm count is normal, the sperm may not be of good quality. Sperm DNA damage can prevent you from having a baby.

Make Every Cycle Count

Fertility treatment can be emotionally draining, time consuming and expensive.

If you are starting a cycle of treatment, it is vital you give yourself the best possible chance of making that cycle of treatment count. With every cycle of treatment comes the possibility of getting pregnant and having a baby, it is therefore important that men understand their levels of sperm DNA damage.

The quality of your sperm DNA will help fertility experts predict the fertility treatment with the highest likelihood of success for you, which means you could improve your chances of getting pregnant with fewer treatment cycles.

The power to improve the quality of your sperm DNA is in your hands. Ask your fertility clinic for an Exact test to understand your sperm DNA results and give you the highest chance of success.


Miscarriage Affects Men & Men Affect Miscarriage

How understanding your sperm DNA damage can help you take control of your fertility and improve your chances of becoming a dad. With 1 in 4 pregnancies ending in miscarriage, it’s sadly a relatively common problem that many couples have to face.

Exact testing provides information on the amount of DNA damage in your sperm, which may provide an explanation as to the reason behind your miscarriage. If it is sperm DNA damage that’s a problem, there are a number of lifestyle changes that can be undertaken to improve your sperm quality and increase your chances of a successful pregnancy in the future.

The test can not only help provide necessary understanding, but also help fertility professionals make clinical decisions in regard to which treatment is right for you.

Why get tested?

Exact tests measure sperm DNA damage. Knowing whether you have sperm DNA damage can help you make informed decisions about medical treatments or lifestyle changes to improve your sperm DNA and fertility.

Why get tested?

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Professional Tests only available through your doctor

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Understand which fertility treatment is right for you and your partner.

If you have experienced recurrent miscarriage, are considering fertility treatment, or have had failed cycles, sperm DNA damage could be the fundamental factor affecting your chances of success. To discuss Exact tests, please speak to a fertility specialist.

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Exact IVF Explained

The Exact® tests provide detailed information that enables healthcare professionals to identify which fertility treatment is right for you. ICSI is a more successful treatment than IVF if a man has very high levels of damaged sperm DNA. Improving your sperm DNA through medical intervention or lifestyle changes before treatment can improve your chance of success.

Exact Miscarriage Explained

The Exact® Miscarriage professional test provides detailed information that enables healthcare professionals to provide diagnoses and guidance for future pathways to couples who have experienced sporadic and recurrent miscarriage by natural conception or by assisted reproductive treatments. Improving your sperm DNA through medical intervention or lifestyle changes can improve your chance of a successful pregnancy.

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