Our mission is to transform the diagnosis and treatment of male reproductive problems. This section provides Healthcare Professionals with the latest clinical information and resources to support the management of their male patients.

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The science behind the Examen SpermComet test

Sperm DNA Fragmentation

Conventional semen analysis is accepted to have limited diagnostic value for male infertility and poor prognostic value for ART success. In contrast, sperm DNA fragmentation has been shown to be a robust biomarker of male infertility, ART failure and miscarriage.

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SpermComet® Test

SpermComet® is Examen’s market leading sperm DNA fragmentation test. SpermComet® is a robust biomarker for male infertility, IVF and ICSI failure and miscarriage. Independent research has shown that it is the best performing sperm DNA fragmentation test in terms of sensitivity, specificity and predictive power. SpermComet® is the only sperm DNA fragmentation test guaranteed for oligozoospermic and testicular samples.

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Damaged DNA shown by the SpermComet fertility test results
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Clinical use of SpermComet®

SpermComet® is indicated for use in conjunction with conventional semen analysis in the assessment of men experiencing reproductive problems, including recurrent miscarriage; men for whom ART is being considered; or men who have had failed implantation or miscarriage following ART.

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SpermComet® Report Explained

SpermComet® is the next generation of DNA fragmentation test. Older tests measure the number of sperm with DNA damage but not the amount of DNA damage. In contrast, the SpermComet® quantifies the amount of DNA fragmentation in individual sperm enabling the heterogeneity of the sperm population to be assessed. Understanding the variability of DNA fragmentation within a sample strengthens the SpermComet’s® ability to diagnose male infertility and predict a live birth with IVF or ICSI.

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How Our Service Works

SpermComet® is the only DNA fragmentation test guaranteed for oligozoospermic and testicular samples, allowing it to be used in the assessment of all male patients. The Examen testing service can be set-up within your own Clinic. In the UK and Ireland, it can also be accessed on a referral basis through our Examen Hubs.

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