Men's Fertility Questions

Healthy lifestyle changes can improve the quality of sperm DNA and the likelihood of having a baby.

The majority of men (85%) whose partners had recurrent miscarriages have high sperm DNA damage.

Exact range of tests enables men to make an informed choice about the best fertility treatment for them and their partners.

We’ve answered some of your fertility questions.

Men’s Fertility Questions

Have you been trying to get pregnant for more than a year?

15% of all couples do not succeed in having a baby after one year of trying.

Female infertility tends to be the immediate assumed reason for this; however, male infertility is solely responsible for 20-30% of infertility cases globally and contributes to 50% of cases overall.

The first step in testing male infertility is usually semen analysis, however, semen analysis does not measure all key factors affecting a man’s fertility and does not indicate the quality of the sperm.

Checking to see if you have healthy sperm DNA could provide you with early answers as to why you have not been able to get your partner pregnant. Men with sperm DNA damage have less chance of getting their partner pregnant.

The good news is that you may be able to adjust your lifestyle to improve the quality of your sperm and increase the chances of conceiving naturally.

Click here to see a list of things you can do.

Have you had a miscarriage?

Almost a quarter of couples trying to have a baby will experience a miscarriage. It is little known that high levels of damage to sperm DNA can more than double the risk of miscarriage.

To give yourself the best chance of getting your partner pregnant and having a healthy baby, your sperm DNA needs to be good quality.

Examen research shows that sperm from men whose partners have a history of miscarriage have higher levels of DNA damage (fragmentation) than sperm from those whose partners deliver healthy babies.

We have observed high sperm DNA damage in over 85% of men whose partners had recurrent miscarriages. This was true for couples who conceived naturally as well as those who conceived with fertility treatment.

By understanding the quality of your sperm DNA, you can begin to take the appropriate next steps, which could lead towards starting a family and becoming a dad.

Stress can reduce sperm quality, as well as smoking, obesity and other avoidable lifestyle factors. The power to improve the quality of your sperm is in your hands.

You can help to reduce your sperm oxidative stress levels by making healthier choices such as eating a better diet, taking more exercise, reducing weight, stopping smoking, reducing alcohol intake and keeping your testes cool!

This is by no means the only answer to the problem, but it can make a big difference.

Have you had unsuccessful fertility treatment?

Male infertility is the single biggest factor that causes couples to try IVF treatment.

Over a third of couples (37%) that choose to try IVF treatment, do so because of male infertility.

Male infertility is the single biggest factor causing couples to opt for treatment. The quality of your sperm DNA can predict the likelihood of assisted reproductive technology (ART) success.

This could be IVF or ICSI and it is a fact that you are less likely to get your partner pregnant, even with ART treatment, if you have high sperm DNA damage.

Exact IVF® is a sperm DNA damage test available through fertility specialists, which provide an accurate measure of sperm DNA damage. The information provided can predict the outcome of IVF and ICSI fertility treatment, helping you and your partner to choose the right treatment.

Talk to your fertility specialist about Exact tests to understand how they could help you on your treatment journey.

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