Understanding Your Semen Analysis Results

Semen Analysis is the first step in understanding your fertility and can help detect some of the issues that prevent couples conceiving naturally.

The results from Semen Analysis will indicate how your sample compares to an average fertile male, but it doesn’t give you the whole story.

The three most important results are:

  1.  Sperm Count
  2.  Sperm Motility
  3.  Sperm Morphology

According to World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines 2021, your results should be above certain values to be healthy.

The results on this page are examples only and your results will be different.

Sperm Count, Concentration & Volume

The sperm count relates to how many sperm you have in your semen sample.

You will see a number indicating your total sperm count. This is the amount of sperm in the ejaculate. Ideally you want to see 39 million or more.

You will also see a reading for the sperm concentration. This is the number of sperm in 1mL of semen. 15 million or more per mL is considered a healthy concentration.

Semen volume is also a useful metric. It is the amount of fluid you ejaculate and 1.5mL or more is categorised as a healthy amount.

Sperm Motility

The sperm motility relates to how many of your sperm are moving well.

These will be indicated as two different results. One will show the total motility, which is how many of your sperm are moving in total and 42% or more is considered healthy.

The other is what’s known as the progressive motility, which is how many of your sperm are moving in an effective forward pathway. Having 30% or more moving forward is considered a healthy proportion.

Sperm Morphology

Sperm morphology is related to the shape of your sperm. This includes head, neck and tail.  Having 4% or more of your sperm a healthy shape and size is considered normal.

If you need further help with your test results, please email lab@examenlab.com or phone us directly on +44(0) 28 9023 8915.

What if my test results show something abnormal?

If any of your semen analysis test results come back with anything outside of ‘normal’, it doesn’t mean you can’t have your own baby.

Many men with what’s considered ‘normal’ semen analysis test results may still struggle to father a child as quickly as they’d like.

Every step is a positive change, supporting the health and quality of your sperm DNA

Semen analysis forms only part of a thorough fertility check. There are other factors to take into account and further tests that can be done to give a clear picture of your fertility potential.

Your family doctor can advise on the next steps you can take. Don’t hesitate to ask them to guide you.

For more information on how to improve your sperm quality, click here.

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