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Lockdown and Brexit bring additional challenges but we are open to offer our Exact tests

As we once again enter a period of lockdown, we’d like to reassure all our partner clinics that we are open as usual. We have put the necessary measures in place in order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our team, enabling us to continue to offer our Exact tests.

With Brexit occurring on January 1st, new checks also began for goods arriving from the UK to Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland is in a unique position of implementing the “Northern Ireland protocol” and Examen was prepared in advance for this. All clinics were notified prior to Christmas of preventive measures in the event of delays at the new border, however, details of how to ship from GB-NI were only made available to us on January 4th. We therefore delayed sending shippers until the necessary processes and paperwork were in place.

All our scheduled shippers have now been sent with the additional necessary paperwork and we are advising each clinic of the new processes at the time of booking. To date we have not experienced any delays in the turnaround times of the shippers but we ask for your continued patience and understanding through the transition period.

Our range of Exact sperm DNA tests are available to provide answers for men concerned about their fertility. Men with high levels of damaged sperm DNA are less likely to get their partner pregnant and have double the risk of miscarriage. Exact tests can help you make informed decisions about medical treatments or lifestyle changes to improve your patients’ sperm DNA quality, as well as helping to choose the best fertility treatment for them.

Our thoughts are with anyone struggling with fertility at this difficult time. If you’re concerned about delays to your treatment, please get in touch with your fertility clinic. And if you’re a fertility clinic that doesn’t yet offer Exact tests, please contact us to find out more about becoming a partner clinic.

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