Male fertility diagnostics leaders, Examen, now offer semen analysis testing for men in Belfast

By The Examen Team


Belfast, Northern Ireland, 4th March 2022 / Examen, leaders in male fertility research and diagnostics, is delighted to announce that semen analysis is now available at its Belfast facility. This comes in response to unprecedented demand for fertility services as couples continue to face delays in accessing appointments owing to the backlog caused by the pandemic.

Examen’s semen analysis test is the latest addition to its expanding male fertility diagnostics range of tests, which includes the market-leading Exact® test for sperm DNA damage. This is good news for men living within an hour of its facility in Belfast, who can now access a broader evaluation of their sperm health.

A semen analysis measures the quantity and characteristics of a man’s sperm and is the first step advised in male fertility treatment guidelines*. It can be taken on its own or in conjunction with the Exact® test, which highlights damage in sperm DNA and provides additional insights to guide fertility treatment recommendations.

The new service is available from Examen’s facilities in Belfast. Sample kits ordered online can be conveniently used at home, but must be dropped at a pre-booked appointment within one hour of production to ensure accurate results. Examen’s scientists will analyse the samples in the laboratory and securely transfer the results directly to patients’ inboxes alongside information explaining the results.

semen analysis looks at the basic characteristics of sperm. These include the number of sperm in the sample, their ability to swim in an effective forward pathway, and the shape of the sperm.

Examen’s Exact® test, which is recommended by more than 80% of the UK’s leading private fertility clinics, is also available to men in Belfast and available through the Examen website. Analysing sperm DNA quality can help predict success of fertility treatments such as in vitro fertilisation (IVF).

“We’re pleased to be able to offer semen analysis to men in close proximity to our Belfast facility, especially in the current environment, where waiting times for fertility investigations and treatments have been heavily impacted by the pandemic,” stated Professor Sheena Lewis, Founder, and CEO of Examen. “The combination of both a semen analysis and a sperm DNA analysis provides a more accurate picture of male fertility potential and provides couples with personalised results for their fertility journey. We hope this advance in ‘Couple Care’ will lead to more successful treatment.”

The Examen semen analysis test costs £180 and can be purchased in a package with the Exact® test for £425. Results for both tests will be returned within 7-10 days.

Visit the Examen website to find out how to book your test and take the first step on your fertility journey.


Notes to Editors

*Semen analysis is the primary assessment tool for male fertility potential outlined by NICE and the World Health Organization.

Examen Belfast address: Unit 18 A, Block K, Weaver’s Court Business Park, Linfield Road Belfast, Northern Ireland, BT12 5GH

Customers can use the discount code MARCH15 to receive 15% off until March 31st.

About Examen

Examen is a world leader in male fertility testing with a heritage of over 25 years in male reproductive health and fertility treatment research. Examen specialises in measuring sperm DNA fragmentation (known as sperm DNA damage) to help predict the likelihood of conception, miscarriage, and the success of fertility treatment.

Sperm DNA damage is one of the most important factors causing male infertility. Examen has developed the Exact® range of sperm DNA diagnostics tests that empower men to take control of their own fertility.

The Exact® tests are the most comprehensive sperm DNA analysis available, detecting quality in individual sperm. The tests deliver an accurate assessment of sperm DNA damage for fertility diagnosis and information that can predict the outcome of IVF treatment. The Exact® range are the go-to tests for sperm DNA damage in 80% of the UK’s leading fertility clinics.

The founder of Examen is an internationally acclaimed academic in male fertility, Professor Sheena Lewis. Find out more at

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