Having the Test

Our aim is to make it as discreet and convenient as possible for you to have the SpermComet® test, wherever you live in the UK or Ireland. SpermComet® testing does not require a doctor’s referral and results are emailed directly to you. Samples can often be produced at home or at an Examen Hub. From order to results, we ensure privacy at every step of the process.

Having the Test

Order online

You can purchase your SpermComet® test online. Your transaction will show on your card statement as ‘Examen’ and will not include the details of you purchase.

Your sample collection kit will be dispatched within 1-2 business days. The kit includes everything you need to collect your semen sample at home or at the Hub. It will arrive in a discrete envelope, posted to your preferred address. There is no indication on the envelope as to the contents, so the postman will not know what is inside.

The kit includes:

  • Test request form
  • Sample collection instructions
  • Sample collection pot
  • Sealable plastic bag for returning your sample to the Hub

Book an appointment

book an appointment

Once you receive your sample collection kit, you need to book an appointment at your selected Examen Hub to produce or drop off your sample. Semen samples for SpermComet® testing need to be frozen in liquid nitrogen at the Hub within I hour of ejaculation to prevent additional DNA fragmentation being induced. The Hub therefore needs to know in advance when they will be receiving your sample. Appointments are arranged directly with the Hub via email or telephone.

If you live within 1 hour of the Hub, you can produce your sample at home and drop it off at the Hub at your appointment time. If you live further away, the Hub will provide a private room for you to produce your sample during your appointment. Onsite sample production is currently unavailable at our Dublin and Belfast hubs and all samples must be produced at home.

Produce a sample

produce a sample


You must refrain from any sexual activity for 2-5 days before producing your sample. This means no sex or ejaculation, including masturbation. Some men think that saving up their sperm for the day of the test is best, this is a mistake. Older sperm die if ejaculations are infrequent resulting in lower numbers of active sperm and increased DNA fragmentation.

Collecting your sample

  1. Wash your hands before producing your sample.
  2. Use only the sterile pot provided in your kit to collect your sample.
  3. Write your name, date of birth and the date and time of your sample on the pot and plastic bag.
  4. Produce your sample by manual masturbation only. Do not use any type of lubricant, including saliva.
  5. Ejaculate directly into the sterile pot provided. Try to catch the first part of your ejaculate as this contains the most sperm. Report any spillage on the Test Request Form.
  6. Ensure the lid is screwed on tightly and place in the plastic bag provided.
  7. Complete the Test Request Form and return to the Hub reception with your sample.

Samples produced at home

  1. Samples produced at home must reach the Hub within 1 hour of ejaculation or your test results will be invalid.
  2. Keep your sample as close to body temperature as possible. A good idea is to tuck it under your clothing or in a pocket close to your body.
  3. At the Hub, hand the plastic bag containing your sample and the completed Test Request Form to reception staff.

Receive your results

receive your results

Your results will be sent to your specified email address within 14 working days of your appointment at the Hub. We will never share your information or results with any other party unless at your request. Your GP will not be informed that you have taken the test and your results will not appear on your medical records.

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