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Exact® tests (powered by SpermComet® Technology) are available at the majority of leading fertility clinics in the UK & Ireland. Scroll down this page to find the clinic closest to you.

To book a test:

  • Choose your nearest clinic from the list below
  • Email or call the clinic closest to you
  • State clearly you wish to book an Exact Test (Please note, this is often known by professionals as the COMET test).

Over 15% of couples worldwide experience fertility problems, and more than 50% of these cases are caused by male infertility. High sperm DNA damage is a common factor in men experiencing fertility problems. By understanding the quality of sperm DNA, fertility experts can take measures to improve male fertility potential and predict the likelihood of success of assisted reproductive technology (ART) by IVF or ICSI.

Get the answers you need and start your journey towards having a baby today.

If you represent a Fertility Clinic and would like to make Exact tests available, please contact us via our Healthcare Professionals Contact Page.

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