Month: August 2020

Live the new normal and accelerate your fertility journey now

COVID-19 restrictions are beginning to lift, and most clinics are back up and running. It’s time to take the next positive steps on your fertility journey and live a ‘new normal’. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the delays to fertility treatment and isolated as you try to get through your fertility crisis during the pandemic,… Read more »

5 tips to recalibrate your mind and boost your fertility during the COVID pandemic

questions for doctor

Plus 5 important fertility questions to ask your doctor This blog was originally published on Fertility Road. If you’re struggling with fertility, it’s highly likely that your stress and anxiety levels are already through the roof, even without a pandemic to worry about. Spiralling thoughts, the constant search for answers, the feeling of being locked in… Read more »

Are you fit for fatherhood?

This blog was originally published on Fertility Road. Society seems to focus exclusively on women preparing themselves for pregnancy but what about men? They need to get their sperm in shape too. There are so many ‘sperm enemies’ in today’s world, men need to know what they are and how to avoid them. On the flip side,… Read more »