Month: September 2021

“Quality is not an act, it is a habit”

Alan Barclay, Quality Manager

Alan joined the Examen team in August as an experienced Quality Manager to ensure our Quality Management processes are of the highest level and meet with industry standards. Here Alan discusses why quality management is so important in diagnostic testing and how it helps Examen deliver accurate and reliable results to fertility experts and patients…. Read more »

Learning the ropes of a science SME

Jasmin pipetting

Jasmin’s experience as a placement student with Examen We recently welcomed Jasmin to the team at Examen for a short placement in order to gain insights into the evolving reproductive science sector and to learn about the operation of a science SME. Jasmin is a biomedical sciences university student and this opportunity enabled her to… Read more »

Sperm link to failed fertilisation

For couples undergoing fertility treatment, the first hurdle they have to face on their treatment journey, is finding out if their sperm have fertilised their eggs. The long-awaited phone call  comes with intense anxiety as it could bring an early end to their hopes of having a baby, and sadly, the outcome of this first… Read more »