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Can taking prescription medicines affect male fertility?

An emerging area of interest amongst men struggling with infertility is whether common prescription medicines can impact their fertility. Although male fertility issues are often under-investigated, it is becoming increasingly recognised that lifestyle factors and overall health can impact a man’s likelihood of getting his partner pregnant and having a baby. Advanced age, being overweight,… Read more »

International Men’s Day – Championing Male Fertility

International Men’s Day is a gentle reminder for us all to appreciate and celebrate the men in our lives. For Examen, this presents an ideal time to show our dedication to helping men understand the causes of infertility. Research has helped us come a long way in our understanding, but many misconceptions remain. The worst… Read more »

Food for male fertility – Tomato and white bean soup

Tomato soup recipe

In our final recipe from Melanie Brown, she looks at one of the most important nutrients for male fertility and gives us some tasty lunch inspiration at the same time!  This soup is packed full of lycopene, one of the most important foods for male fertility. Numerous animal and human studies have shown how lycopene… Read more »

Food for male fertility – Power breakfast for healthy sperm

Power breakfast for male fertility

People always say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and so long as it’s the right kind of breakfast, it certainly can be. Start your day off right with this power breakfast, full of nutrients to support healthy sperm and give you the energy you need to make the best out of… Read more »

Food for male fertility – Baked stuffed squash

Baked stuffed squash

We’ve teamed up with Melanie Brown Nutrition to bring you some tasty recipe inspiration to boost male fertility. A balanced diet rich in different vitamins and minerals plays an important role in sperm health so Melanie has made sure all of these recipes feature key nutrients to support fertility. This baked stuffed squash includes ingredients… Read more »

Live the new normal and accelerate your fertility journey now

COVID-19 restrictions are beginning to lift, and most clinics are back up and running. It’s time to take the next positive steps on your fertility journey and live a ‘new normal’. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the delays to fertility treatment and isolated as you try to get through your fertility crisis during the pandemic,… Read more »

5 tips to recalibrate your mind and boost your fertility during the COVID pandemic

questions for doctor

Plus 5 important fertility questions to ask your doctor This blog was originally published on Fertility Road. If you’re struggling with fertility, it’s highly likely that your stress and anxiety levels are already through the roof, even without a pandemic to worry about. Spiralling thoughts, the constant search for answers, the feeling of being locked in… Read more »

Are you fit for fatherhood?

This blog was originally published on Fertility Road. Society seems to focus exclusively on women preparing themselves for pregnancy but what about men? They need to get their sperm in shape too. There are so many ‘sperm enemies’ in today’s world, men need to know what they are and how to avoid them. On the flip side,… Read more »

Make Every Cycle Count

This blog was originally published on Fertility Road. People often assume that fertility problems lie with the woman, but male infertility contributes half (50%) of the problem for the millions of couples worldwide who experience fertility issues. High sperm DNA damage is a common factor in men experiencing fertility problems so healthy sperm are vitally… Read more »