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New study demonstrates comet technology for sperm dna analysis improves diagnosis of male infertility and predicts success of IVF and ICSI.

Examen, a world leader in male fertility testing, is pleased to announce the results of its latest study conducted in...

Irish Times: Could artificial sperm mean the end of men?

The Irish Times recently published an article about the future of fertility and Sheena Lewis was approached for comment. Read...

The shame of having poor sperm

Sheena Lewis was interviewed on the BBC News today on the subject of declining Male Fertility. See the article. There is an...

How do men cope after infertility diagnosis

Hundreds of men in the United Kingdom experience fertility problems. Research carried out by Dr Stamatios Karavolos shows that...

The importance of male fertility investigations

The need for more focus on male fertility investigations was outlined in a recent review by our partner urologist Mr Jonathan...

5 things to improve your sperm

Eat well. If you know that your sperm DNA needs improvement, I strongly recommend advice from a nutritional therapist with...

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